The Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts' founding mission is to bring performing arts and instruction for students to underserved communities and promote long-term educational and social benefits, cultural awareness and vital community involvement. Our goal is to keep the performing arts alive in Austin for generations to come while also helping underserved students today excel in school and life by using music as a catalyst for success.  

Austin Soundwaves is our first major education initiative, and provides high quality music education to artistically-underserved youth as a means to strengthen resiliency and awaken intrinsic motivation to learn, create, and achieve. Inspired by El-Sistema a world renowned pedagogy for music learning, we offer students 10 hours a week of intensive, daily orchestral music instruction with highly qualified music instructors. Students receive a free instrument and have opportunities for music learning, performance, and collaboration with other peer music groups. Participants work hard, build confidence in themselves and their future, and develop vital problem solving, communication, and time management skills.

Austin Soundwaves was launched in October 2011 by providing free, high quality music education to 40 students at East Austin College Prep, a public charter school in East Austin, Texas. In just three years, our program has achieved significant results and seen substantial growth.  Austin Soundwaves currently provides options for study on 11 musical instruments as well as study in music theory, reaching over 100 students on two campuses both during and after school.

Our Goals 1) To deliver consistent, intensive quality programming 2) To help youth strengthen self-esteem and resiliency to navigate through adversity 3) To enhance the social environment of students 4) To foster intrinsic motivation needed for students to learn, create, and achieve. 

Fall Into Music Austin (FiMA) is Austin's annual city-wide instrument drive led by the Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts and the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas. The drive collects needed instruments for ten Austin-based music education programs working with underserved Austin youth to increase their capacity and enable them to bring the joy of music to even more deserving children. In our first year, FiMA collected over 150 instruments through the help and support of our great community partners.


Austin Soundwaves

Austin Soundwaves offers free, intensive musical education to low-income youth from Travis and Hays Counties that attend East Austin College Prep. Austin Soundwaves provides high quality music education to artistically-underserved youth as a means to strengthen resiliency and awaken intrinsic motivation to learn, create, and achieve. participation for participants.

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Fall into Music 

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Fall into Music is Austin's first city wide instrument drive. FiM has raised over 150 string, brass, wind and percussion instruments for ten area music education non-profits. If you have an instrument that you would like to donate, get in touch. 

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